November 13, 2013


For anyone who has ever wonderfully checked out my blog, at anytime?

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the process of blogging it's been well over a year since I've last posted. It was simply just impossible to compose with any sort of regularity, and in the end,  attention to Client work will always, easily win out!

Surprisingly, what I found recently?  After all this time I've continued to get a lot of Daily Hits!
What the heck?  So  I just wanted to take the time and thank everyone and anyone for checking the site out..... and if by chance you are interested?

Look me up on Pinterest!
I'm now there!  It's much easier for me to produce time-wise, and if I'm anything at all
I'm visual!

I started posting a few months back and so far I've broken it up into over a hundred boards (and counting) so hopefully there's something for everyone!

I cover Great Design from around the World and through the Decades -
Love a particular color?  Have all the hues covered!
Can't find that magical sofa or chandelier? It may just be there.

- - - and in the next few months?
I'm hopeful to finally get a few of my latest current projects posted as well!
So if you're in the mood - check me out - I'd love to see you there!

....and thanks again!