January 29, 2012

Surf's up! Vintage Hawaiian Style

Awhile back, before I officially began "Tripping" around the Design World, 
I posted about my love of Hawaii pertaining to a very specific time
of 1966 to 1974.  Needless to say, I felt in order to fully cover Hawaiian Style
 it would be necessary to revisit Hawaii once more, for if I had not,
 I clearly would be omitting one of the most sentimental favorite
 styles around - and that is Vintage Hawaiian.
 Land of the grass skirts and ukuleles?  Sure - but it's much more. 
It's soft, nostalgic, and like a warm summer breeze, beautiful and soothing.
So why not click on "Little Grass Shack" and begin to scroll down to
see the absolute charm of Vintage Hawaiian Design. 

Oh, and for those that missed the post on Modern Hawaii?
 I've updated it with quite a bit of cool new things and re-posted it right 
after this blog - so they are now back to back.
 Check it out -  I think you'll see that it's really fun to compare 
such two distinctly different styles from such a relatively small place!

19th Century Niho Lei

(Contact us for information on the rug above)

Circa 1940 One-piece Rattan Sofa in the style of Paul Frankl

Robsjohn Gibbings,  1953 Mesa Table

(Contact us for information on the above outdoor fabric)

Amazing Collection of 1940's Leis in Pristine Condition!
Bamboo Paneled walls from the late 1930's

LOVE this mirror, It has that nod to vintage, yet the scale is so large and modern!
(Contact us for information)

Doris Duke with Duke Kahanamoku (Known as 'The Big Kahuna, Father of Surfing) 

Built in 1937: Doris Duke's Shangra La in Honolulu
Very Cool Vintage Hawaiian Fabric
Shangra La

Doris Duke at Shangra La

(Contact us for information on the fabric above or below)

(Contact us for information on the paper lanterns)
Incredible Poepoe Necklaces
Duke Kahanamoku

(Contact us for information on the baskets)

Known as the "Pink Palace", The Royal Hawaiian Hotel was one of the first Hotels established in Waikiki, opening it's doors in 1927. It quickly became an icon of Hawaii's glory days. Here is a photo from the 1930's.
1950's 'Nani of Hawaii'  Dragon Print Pake Muu
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel today.

Poepoe Necklace

(Contact us for information on the above fabric)

Russell Wright
The Shangra La Pool House
Louise Dahl Wolfe Photograph, 1938

LOVE these accent tiles! Perfect for a Deco Bathroom!
(Contact us for information on the tile)

(Contact us for information on the blanket)
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Horseshoe Rattan Chair from the 1940's
(Contact us for information on the pendant above or the chair below)

(Contact us for information on the above rug)
Vintage 1950's Uhufish Sauce Set
Banyan Trees

1940's Jacques Adnet Faux Bamboo Sconces

Kauai Noni Fruit

 Officially nuts over this 1920's Wicker Hourglass Chair, attributed to Paul Frankl

Expertly crafted carved Koa wood coffee table from the 1940's.
A close up of the table top is the photo below.

(Contact us for information on the above fabric)
An artist working on a gorgeous Alfred Shaheen leaf print, 1960's.

Both the top and bottom photos are of Doris Duke's, Shangra La

The Birthplace of the Mai Tai Cocktail?
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, which was also the birth
of the Shirley Temple Cocktail.

Based on Hawaiian Roof designs, these great looking notebooks are by Pawling.
 Check them out them out on Etsy!
Hawaiian Roof Line
One of Hawaii's most breathtaking annual celebrations:
It's a ceremony that remembers those who gave their lives in conflict,  and allows for reflection on the memories of loved ones as well as dedicates prayers for a peaceful and harmonious future. More than 3,000 candle lit lanterns are floated on the water  illuminating the ocean at sunset on Memorial Day.

Want a quick touch of the Vintage Hawaiian Style? These cool woven iPhone cases are from Zazzle.com

The Amazing Bishop Museum

Surprised that this is 18th Century Hawaiian Sculpture?
Room by Michael Smith

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