March 17, 2012

Argentinian Design: It's Giddy-up Style - Gauchos and Haciendas!

          Rustically Gorgeous.
          Home of the Gaucho.
          We're talking Breathtaking Haciendas, Handwoven Textiles,
          Beautifully Worn Leather, and Colorful Clay.
          There is also the not so little, oh so sophisticated city of Buenos Aires.
          Welcome to Argentina!
          So, why not click on a little cowboy music
          and begin the stroll to take a sample look at some great Argentinian Design
          and it's far reaching influences!

Thomas Callaway
Kara Mann
1950's deRobert & Jean Cloutier Terracotta Head

Fabulous example of Pre-Colombian Pottery

Ralph Lauren
(Contact us for information on the above sofa)

Ralph Lauren

Esther Pottery
Argentinian Artist Milo Lockett
(Contact us for information on the lanterns)
Argentinian Saddle
(Contact us for information on the above bed or the Cube stools below)

Who doesn't love a llama?
(Contact us for information on the above bowl)

Teresita Leal
1951 Henry Clarke Photograph
An Andean Cock of the Rock
Hacienda de Molinos
Frederik Roije
Jackie Kennedy in Argentina
Ceramic Maker in Cafayete in the Salta Province
Love the bold use of tile floor of this park in Rosario!

(Contact us for information on the Tiles)
Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires

(Contact us for information)
Argentinian Designer Juampi Sammartino

Carolina Herrara Gaucho Inspired Collection

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Argentinian Artist Tomas Saraceno
(Contact us for information)
Diane Keaton and Stephen Shadley 

The insanely beautiful Marble Cathedral of General Carrera Lake
Argentinian Born Designer Cecilia Elguero
Argentinian Baby Boa

Simon Tu

1920's Douglas Fairbanks dancing the Tango