February 18, 2012

Quiet Beach House Design - Japanese Style

 Love the Serenity and Solitude of a Beach?
Think of going Japanese.
Japanese Beach Style is the Perfect Combination of Assorted
 Washed Out Blues, Driftwood Greys and Misty Greens.
Modern or Rustic -  Old or New.
 Ideally, a combination of all.
This is a Style that worships quiet,
and the only music necessary here are the soothing 
sounds of the ocean.
So why not click below and begin the scroll down to see 
just a few Amazing Examples of this Beautiful Style.

Incredible Quilt Made from Shibori Textiles
Louise Bourgeois
The simplicity and low profile of this 1950's Japanese Modernist Chair
is a perfect example of quiet. 

1970's Indigo Art Pottery 

1950's  Pearl Divers
(Contact us for information on either pillow)

Shibori Textiles

Fantastic Combination of Denim and Jute Rug from Anthropologie
Shibori Felt

Incredible Japanese Quilt
(Contact us for information on the above pillow)
One of my very favorites! Large Sculptural 66 x 43 Driftwood Wall Sculpture.
(Contact us for information)

(Contact us for information on the above wallpaper or woven basket below)

Shibori Textiles
One of my favorite New Sculptural Chairs on the Market!

Marcel Wander's Knotted Chair
David Rex Joyner
Sally King Benedict
Beehive Table Lamps
(Contact us for information)

Shibori Sample
Mark Rothko

Richard Avedon Muse - China Machado, Harper's Bazaar 1959

(Contact us for information on the lamp, chair or table)

1950's Pearl Diver
(Contact us for information on the above fabric, blanket, or chair below)

Fabulous Andon Pendant

Incredible Modern Japanese Bathtub

1970's sculpture by Georges Dobbels

Braided Turquoise Bracelet

                                       (Contact us for information on the prints)

Shell Bowl by Heather Knight

1960's "Mademoiselle" Chairs by Ilmari Tapiovaara - completely influenced by
George Nakashima

(Contact is for information on the shells or pendant below)

(Contact us for information on the chest)

Nancy Lorenz

1960's Japanese Beach Towel
The Wedded Rocks of Meotoiwa

Domino Accent tables
(Contact us for information)

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