January 15, 2012

Spanish Design - Ole' !

Hard not to love Spanish Style for They truly seem to be the ones
who always color outside the lines. 
They're very much Free Spirits in they're thinking -
 Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi kind of define the word itself. 
 Spanish design is often Fluid, Rythmic and Sculptural.
The Spanish are Masterful in execution and Thoughtful in 
the way they reveal a surprise.  
So, let's start the trip to Spain with a little Fantastic Street Flamico
 and begin the journey by scrolling on down. 

Salvador Dali
Cristobal Balenciaga;  Master Haute Couturier 

Fence Detail at Geull Park in Barcelona

The Architecture of Miguel Fisac
Balenciaga both above and below 

Picasso, both above and below

Ronda Spain
Modern in Madrid
Dali Lobster Phone:
Dali - Woman with Drawers
Gorgeous Building by Miguel Fisac in Sevilla
Mid Century Chair by Jose Dodero
Courtyard of the Archaeological Museum - Francisco Mangado, architect
Dali Poster for the 1932 Surrealist Film Babaouo
Contemporary Spanish Artist: Santiago Ydanez
Joan Miro
Bronze sculpture at Museo Del Prado
1930's Balenciaga 
Antoni Gaudi
Picasso's 1939 Woman's Head
Gaudi Rooftop
Alhambra in Granada Spain

Caned Contemporary Furniture by Spanish Design Studio CuldeSac
Gaudi's unfinished Cathedral Sagrada Familia. Worked stopped at the time of his death in 1926, however in 1979 work finally began to finish it as Gaudi 
himself would have.
Architecture by Felix Candela
Architecture by Rafael Moneo - Musee de Merida
Joan Miro

Casa Batllo - Barcelona
Escorial Monastery - Madrid
Muqarnas Dome of the Calat Alhambra in Granada
Palau Guell
Antoni Gaudi
 Part Brutalist, Part Surrealist, Architect Ricardo Bofill stumbled on an abandoned Cement Factory in 1973 and transformed it into his Personal Residence, Office as well as Exhibition space. He also surrounded the grounds with Beautiful Gardens. The above photo is a shot of the Dining Room.
Cordoba Mezquita
Cuenca - Medival City of Castilla-La Mancha in Central Spain

Antoni Gaudi Roof Detail
Antoni Gaudi
Guell Park - Barcelona
Mid Century Fluid Lounge Chair by Equipo50
Madrid Architect Alberto Campo Baeza
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

More Gaudi Architecture - Barcelona

Velazquez' Maria Teresa, Infanta of Spain

Mosaic Pieces from Guell Park - Barcelona 

Salvador Dali - Figueres

Red would never have been my first choice in terms of pools but this
Ricardo Bofill pool absolutely works.

Awash in an orangey red - La Tomatina Festival in Bunol - Held the last Wednesday in August - it's basically in all out tomato fight purely for fun,
Balenciaga Matador Straw hat
Frederico Correa
Top and Bottom photos are of Ricardo Bofill's  Walden Apartment in Sant Just Desvern - Barcelona
Guell Park
Palace Gardens in Madrid
Ricardo Bofill's 'Cement Factory'
Alhambre Hedges

Ronda - Puento Nuevo Bridge
The Silo's of the 'Cement Factory'
Festival of San Fermin

Selgas Cano Architectural Offices

Olive Grove

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