January 13, 2012

Greece is the word...especially in terms of Design

Steeped in Ancient Beauty - the Greeks clearly got it right the first time out to bat.
Let's face it - They're the forefathers of SO much Classic Western inspired Design.
It's also simply put, a Country blessed with light like no other that it practically sparkles from every conceivable angle.  
Bathed in a canvas of white, Framed in phenomenal shades of blues,  the colors and designs of Greece are nothing less than spectacular.
So why not start the journey with a little Anthony Quinn and begin to scroll down
to see just a touch of what makes Grecian Style so incredible and, how far reaching it's influences were!


A Fabulous Vintage 1953 House and Garden Photograph

Vintage 1960 House and Garden
Ancient Greek Necklace

Clam Shell Sconce
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Abstracted for sure - but definitely influenced by the Greek Column!
A 1960's Hermes Minaudiere
Love the Marbleized fabric on these Pillows!
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YSL Tasseled Belt
Slim Aarons photo of  CZ Guest

Traditional Greek Sandals

Collection of Onyx and Black Marble Vessels
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Formally trained as a sculpture, Germaine Emilie Krebs, known as Madame Gres opened her Design House in 1942 producing Haute Couture gowns from the Duchess of Windsor to Jacqueline Kennedy.  As you can see from the photo above she was clearly heavily influenced by the Greeks. 

'The Greek Key' design - One of the most ubiquitous Design motifs ever. It's 
Ancient Greece origin is still hugely popular today. The above set is a c1965 design by Susan Williams--Ellis.
Two great examples  Mid Century doors utilizing  the  Greek Key design element

Greek Revival Urns

A Gorgeous Example of a Modern Greek Residence - by Deca Architecture
Grace Santorini Hotel
Michelle Armas Contemporary Abstract
Mykonos Bay Hotel
Church Rooftop in Santorini

Vintage 1970's Cuff

Katikies Hotel in Santorini
Josef Albers

1957 Sculpture by Evelyn Ackerman
Contemporary Greek Home by Mobarchitects
Martin Eisler Chair

 Madame Gres
Vintage 1960's David Webb earrings

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Madame Gres Exhibit
One of the most popular chairs ever designed originated from Ancient Greece: 
The Klismos Chair.
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Hellenistic Period Statues from Mycenae
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Mykonos Bay Hotel
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Alemagou Bar in Mykonos
Louise Dahl - Wolfe , Harpers Bazaar 1948

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1950's Henry Clarke Photo

Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses

Amazing piece by contemporary ceramist Sandra Davolio

1963 Vogue 

Cave Houses are the oldest and most simple form of residence in the Aegean  - traditional  buildings found in the rocks with a dome like roof. The photo above is Bedroom is from the Santorini Cave Hotel. 

T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings's design work is hallmarked as a modern mixture of the classical elements of Ancient Greek Design. The above chaise is a beautiful example.

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From the Madame Gres Exhibit

Ancient Greek Bracelet
1950's John Rawlings Photo

Ancient Greek Vessel

Greek Monastery

Tagoo Hotel in Mykonos

Inspired by Greek Astrology, this 1960's Cartier Ring
Love the sculpted steps in this Tino Island House

Exterior of the Alemagou Bar in Mykonos

Greek Residence by Zege Architects

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