January 10, 2012

Italian Design - La Dolce Vita....

How best to describe 'Italian Style'?  
It's Complex and Layered: Look to the abundance of Ancient Roman Architecture
 beautifully co-existing with trendsetting Modern Design.
It's Playful: Look at the fantastic trompe l'oeil of Fornasetti, the Surrealism
of Schiaparelli, and yes, 80's naysayers - the Post Modern Memphis movement that
really became the poster child of that decade. 
(FYI - If you take these pieces and put them into a new format - I can persuade you that they can indeed be quite beautiful)   
It is a style that's Rich in it's use of materials: 
Look at the amazing marble and travertine, Venini and Murano glass, the earthy Gambone ceramic.
 It's a Robust style that's full of life  - and very, very Sexy.
So why not start with a little Dino and begin to scroll down!

Love the vintage look of this wallpaper! 
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Italian & Modern Deco = nice combination!
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Iconic Italian Painter, Sculptor, Decorator, Engraver -
Peiro Fornasetti.
The 'Afghan' umbrella stand above and the secretare
below are  fantastic examples of his work!


Love this bed's coffered detailing! It's totally Reminiscent of the Architectural Detailing 
you see in Italy - think of the Pantheon's domed coffered ceiling!
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Vintage Valentino

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Modern Italian Relief

Pair of 1970's Italian Travertine 'Elephant' Lamps

A Gorgeous Chest with a very strong connection to Gio Ponti.
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Classic Italian Sofa
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An exterior shot of the Amazing Pantheon

A pair of Fornasetti 'Column' chairs
The Trevi Fountain, Anita Ekberg & Fellini - 'La Dolce Vita'
Cool Portrait of Fornasetti

Maison Jansen Leather Daybed Sofa
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Pantheon's Coffered Domed Ceiling

Fornasetti cabinet
Elsa Schiaparelli an iconic Italian Designer -
 her biggest rival was Coco Chanel. As you can see from the above photo
 she was heavily influenced by the Surrealists from the above photo.

Cool Art? Yes,  however, these are doors to a recessed wardrobe!

No body's mastered the art of glass quite like the Italians -
here's a very cool vintage lamp.

Michele de Lucchi Memphis Chair - Kelly Wearstler Photo

Italian Glass Chandelier in the style of Vistosi
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Ceiling from the Milan Trade Fair

Lake Como Villa

Vintage Pucci

Iconic Vespa
Not surprisingly the Italians are also masters with tile.
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Gio Ponti

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The Amazing Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice. One of the most important
museums in Italy for European and American Art of the first half of the
20th Century.
Elsa Schiaparelli in her Living Room

Vintage Schiaparelli Gown and the infamous 'shoe' hat below

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A pair of 1960's Italian Bergeres
Schiaparelli also invented 'Shocking Pink'
The Hotel De Russe in Rome

Vintage Fratelli Toso Lamps

1960's Pucci
C'mon - very cool no? 1952  photo of  the Park of Palazzo Orsini in Bomarzo
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The Spanish Steps
Feragamo for Prada, Spring 2011 Collection
Peggy Guggenheim, an American Living in Venice. Aside from being an 
Amazing Art Collector she was simply a fascinating person.
I highly recommend her biography 'Mistress of Modernism'


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Gio Ponti 

The Classic Roman Hairstyle
St. Peters Basilica - Rome

Very cool Italian Street Art

Post Modern -Italian Memphis Style Sculptural Chair by Jane Dillon 

2 Sublime Vintage Venini Chandeliers

1980 Italian Lucite Chair

There's a reason Italian Gardens are legendary - Take a look at the above photo of Edith Wharton's Italian Villa and you'll obviously see why.

Collection of 1950's modern Italian Glass

Gio Ponti Kitchen
Emilio Pucci at work
Ettore Sottsass
Roberto Capucci - A much revered Italian Fashion Visionary 

Venini Glass Samples

The Iso Grifo Automobile

1950's Italian Sputnik Chandelier
'Roman Holiday'

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Tilda Swinton in 'I am Love' 
A tragic love story set at the turn of the millennium in Milan. The House 
in the film became a Star,
Close up of the 'Winged Victory'

Vintage c. 1950 Italian Alabaster and Brass Chandelier

Vintage c.1950 Italian Leather Chairs

Vintage 1970's Italian Lamps

Gambone Ceramic

1980 Italian Brass Sphere

A Northern Italian Palazzo
 Hotel De Russe - Rome

Referencing the 'Lion of Rome' - Vintage 1970's Lion Cuff

Ending the trip with a photo of one of the most celebrated 20th Century Designer's: Renzo Mongiardino.
Known for his richly layered interiors - this is a room completed for Lee Radziwill.

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