January 31, 2012

Russian Design: Dachas to Deco

Clearly, home to one of the most Iconic Architectural 
Silhouettes in the World: The Onion Shaped Domed Roof. 
 Russia's Design Style is Strongly Graphic, Bold and often Gilded in Gold
 - until you go Countryside, where you'll find it to be Charming, Rustic and Woody. 
 Back in Manhattan I had the utmost privilege to work with several 
Russian Artisans and let me tell you, their skills
were off the chart! So why not click on to a little "From Russia with Love"
and begin the scroll down to check out just why Russian design is 
so inspiring.

St. Basil's
Always one of my favorites! Russian-American Painter - Mark Rothko

Faberge Hen
1930 Art Deco Cabinet - Serge Chermayeff

Iconic YSL Russian Collection - 1976 
Mosque in Saint Petersburg

Russian Designer: Katia Mossinar
Russian Painter: Nicholas Roerich
Catherine Palace and Park
1924 Vavarra Stepanova Fabric Design

Moscow Metro

Peterhof Gardens
Faberge Case
Yves St. Laurent 1976 Russian Collection
St. Petersburg

Nadezhda Lamanova 1920's Art Nouveau Gown

Malachite ipad Cover from Zazzle.com

Petrof Gardens

Russian Malachite Box


Ballets Russes

1920's Sketches of the Ballets Russes

Gorgeous Uzbek Ikat
Nicholas Roerich
Chanel's 2009 Russian Collection - Notice the cool stitch detailing!

1920's Ballet Russes Costume

1920's Vavarra Stepanova Fabric
Peterhof Palace

Top and Bottom Photo: 1965's - Dr. Zhivago

Glass Logs
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Neoclassical Russian Chandlier, circa 1860
Russian Armchair circa 1810
St. Petersburg
1931 Sidney Myer Chandelier
Russian Artist: Paul Pepperstein
Russian Quilt

                                   19th Century Russian Bronze Bear Inkwell

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19th Century Russian Mahogany Obelisks
Elle Decor 2006
SO in love with this! Incredibly Cool 'Olenishka' Chair by Russian Designer Niazique
'Fancy' Dacha near St. Petersburg
Chanel 2009 - Russian Collection 
Traditional Russian Textile

Yves St. Laurent - Russian Collection 1976
Mark Rothko

Russian Artist - Natalija Goncharova
Russian Elle Decor
Faberge Case

Yves St. Laurent - Russian Collection 1976
The Bolshoi
Mark Rothko
Russian Artist - Alexej Von Jawlensky 

Mark Rothko
Diaghilev, 1917 Ballets Russes Costume by Picasso

Perfect pieces for a Lux Russian Look
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Turandot Restaurant - Moscow