March 4, 2012

Oklahoma A-OK , American Country - Farm Style!

Charming, Happy and Bright.
A Style, An ideal.
Iconic Images Abound.
American Flags, Barn Quilts and Gingham.
It's Down-Home and Comforting.
This is American Country - Farm Style.
So why not click on a little "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" 
by the Marvelous Blossom Dearie, then begin the scroll
down to take a look at what makes 
American Country Design so positively Brilliant!

Le Moyne Stars Barn Quilt in Adams County, Ohio
(Contact us for information on the above chair)

A Rug Hooking Bee - Life Magazine 1951
Pair of Carved Late 19th American Eagles

Splatter Bowl
Gingham Mainbocher, Harper's Bazaar 1957

Love the idea of filling flowers in vintage trucks -
especially if bookended on a great old farm table!

Gingham iphone jackets @

House and Garden 1960

1940's Naive Andirons
An incredible Satellite Exhibition of 650 Quilts spanning 3 Centuries,
presented by The American Folk Art Museum.

1930's Hand sewn quilt of the American Flag with 40 stars
Vintage and Antique game boards are another source that will provide
 wonderful Graphic images for any "Farm Style" wall. The Game Board above is

a reproduction from
Converted Barn to Modern Home

(Contact us for information)

(Contact us for information)

Clock Sculpture by Walter Martin 

19th Century Wool and Velvet Log Cabin Quilt

Love these Barn Doors!

Chicest Chicken Coop ever! - Not to mention how cute are these
Polish Fizzle Hens!

An original 1900 Compass Star Game board

Photograph by Rodney Smith

Love these wooden Crows as a calculated grouping! 

18th Century Walnut Cabinet

It's always cool to have a little element of surprise!
Darryl Carter

19th Century Ladderback Chair

Mid 19th Century Painted Settee 

19th Century Mariners Compass Quilt
 Have to include a "Green Acres" mention, though admittedly it drove me beyond nuts that that house remained forever in a state of total disrepair!

Photograph by Rodney Smith

1936 County Fair

Love this little Squirrel Box!
(Contact us for information)

Barn Owl

Grant Wood's iconic "American Gothic"
- Looks like they weren't invited!

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