February 4, 2012

Romancing Egyptian Design

 Clearly fitting for a Country soaked in Sand and Sun,
Egypt is a Perfect Study of Monochromatic Neutrals and Pure Whites.
It's a Land tightly wrapped in it's Ancient Roots, where an almost
singular vision creates a Beautiful Combination that's
 both Mysterious, Rustic and Serene.
So why not begin this journey with a little "Mummy" music
then begin the scroll down to take a brief glance into just what
makes Egyptian Design so entrancing.

Norman Parkinson Photograph

The Adrere Amellal Hotel in the Siwa Oasis - One of the world's last remaining oases.
The Adrere Amellal is only candlelit - there is no electricity or phones.

(Contact us for information on the stool)

Best way to visit Egypt? Of course Cruise the Nile!  This particular yacht is part of the Royal Dahabiyas Nile Cruise Line -  a photo of one of the 8 cabins is below:

The Lotus Flower
1963 Henry Clarke photograph of Verushka

(Contact us for information on the bench above)

1910 - 1930's Egyptian Revival Bangle
(Contact us for information on the above pillow)

Christian Louboutin's  Egyptian Home
(Contact us for information on the above rug)

Am totally nuts over this 1960's Egyptian Cobra Back Rattan Chair!

Adrere Amellal Hotel in Siwa
Shali Hotel in Siwa

The Four Seasons - Cairo
Christian Louboutin's Egyptian Home

An Ibis

The Adrere Amellala
The Sultan Bar in The Cairo Oberoi
The Oberoi Hotel - Cairo
Muhammad Ali Mosque - Cairo
(Contact us for information on the wallpaper)
Photo of King Tut 1926

The Oberoi Hotel

1st - 2nd Century AD,  Turquoise Glazed Jar

Lotus Chalice circa 1479  - 1353 BC
The Oberoi Hotel - Cairo

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(Contact us for information for the fabric above and below)

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(Contact us for information on the fabric)
1920's  Cairo
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Adrere Amallala Hotel

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Luxor Temple
Siwa Villa

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19th Century Anglo Indian Table
Kharga Market

Incredible 14th Century Brass Doors in Cairo
 The Elizabeth Taylor 1961 Version of Cleopatra- pretty unwatchable if it
wasn't for the visual candy and her amazing dresses!
18th dynasty Scarab necklace

1940's Nomadic rug
The Akil Sami House

Louise Dahl Wolfe Photograph
Vacation Home in Siwa

1920's Azute Stole
Adrere Amellela
The Four Seasons - Cairo

1930's Egyptian Style Chaise

Papyrus Paper
1850-1775 BC
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  1. I want to stay at that candlelit hotel so badly!
    Loving the fabrics, the rattan benches and, of course, Liz Taylor in her Egyptian eyeliner glory!!!!