February 23, 2012

New England Style and Design

 What happens when you cross a Clean Bar of Soap with Apple Pie, then 
mix in a little Edgar Allen Poe? 
The Answer of Course is, New England Design.
Completely Nostalgic, Casual and Fun.
It's also Nautical, Woodsy and above all Charming.
So why not begin with a little "Old Cape Cod",
then begin the scroll down to look at
 just what makes New England Design so special:


Rodney Smith Photo
Mitchell Cottage, Islesboro Maine

Framed Vintage Bandannas

Colonial Mills Woven Basket

Thomas O'Brien

1870's Quilt

1820's Windsor Bench

Stephen Moss Beach Towels

Tom Scheerer

(Contact us for information on the chairs)

It's all about Rag Rugs here!

1940's Jockey Lamp
19th Century Wing Back Chair
Louise Bourgeois

1950's Crab Straw Handbag

Slim Aarons and Daughter at Home

Louise Bourgeois

Andy Warhol

Water Ski Chair

(Contact us for information on the above chair)

20th Century Bronze Hound Andirons

(Contact us for information on the bed)

(Contact us for information on the chest)

Edward Hopper

19th Century Black Forest Carved Bear Chair 

Cool thing about this Madras Covered Chrome Chair?
It's from 1926!

Albert Hadley

New England Icon - Katharine Hepburn

Anderson Studio Sea Otter

Love these wallets by Smathers & Branson!
Peter Pennoyer
Masterpiece of Tramp Art - This deeply layered frame is circa 1900.

1940's Clifford Russell 

1860's Stoneware Planter

Antique Planetary Quilt

(Contact us for information on the above mirror)

Edgar Allen Poe

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