February 8, 2012

Sun Valley to Aspen: It's all about Rustic Modern Design!

Sun Valley Idaho, Aspen Colorado, Lake Tahoe California. 
Just some of the Terrific American Ski Towns that provide an 
Amazing Style of Design, best described as "Rustic Modern". 
It's Roots are very much 1940's to 1960's. 
It's Organic,  Charming, Warm and Certainly a little Rough around 
the edges - in a Good Way of course!
So why not click the Fabulous "Cho Cho Cho to Idaho", then
begin the scroll down to check out just what makes 
"Rustic Modern" so very cool!

The pool at Sun Valley Lodge 

Early 20th Century Native American Andirons

Mid Century Bonnie Cashin 

Aerin Lauder's Aspen Home, Interior design - Daniel Romualdez

A very early, 1st Generation - 1940's Robsjohn Gibbings Armchair

Pair of Mid Century Rustic Ceramic Lamps by  Lee Rosen for Design Techniques
1950's Life Magazine

(Contact us for information on the chandelier above or the cashmere blanket below)

Mid Century A Frame House

(Contact us for information on the leather sofa)

(Contact us for information on the sconce)

Okay - admittedly obsessed with Hans Wagner's Papa Bear Chair. Clearly it's a chair that works well in many scenarios!

Aerin Lauder's Aspen Home
(Contact us for information)

Dog Dish by Vintage Lumber on Etsy


Rustic Hand Carved Teak Modern Craftsman Chairs

Harper's Bazaar 1938, Illustration by Vertes
Though Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater" is in Pennsylvania the look works beautifully here as it's a Perfect Example of "Rustic Modern"!

Pillows made from Vintage Pendleton Blankets

Aerin Lauder's Aspen Home

1958 - Bonnie Cashin

An Amazing Kitchen from the 1950 Film "Duchess of Idaho".  The film has great visuals - if you haven't seen it - it's worth checking it out!

Aerin Lauder

1950's Jaqueline De Ribes

(Contact is for the flsuhmount light above or the fabric or leather chair below)

1950's Cypress Tree Slab Table

Jean Arp
Large Faux Bois Planter

Idaho Residence - MountainLiving.com
The house that SHOULD have been built, but never was!  The 1959 iconic "North by Northwest" Home. A Perfect Example of Rustic Mid Century Modern!

Slim Aarons

(Contact us for information on the above fabric)

Early 1960's Bonnie Cashin

Rachell Off
Russell Wright

(Contact us for information on the leather Butterfly chairs or the chest below)

Fallingwater - Frank Lloyd Wright
This Hilarious Modern Little Cabin - Close its windows and completely camouflages itself into a pile of stacked firewood!

If you're new to the Blog - make sure you check an Earlier Post on The Modern Ski Chalet - French Alps Style!

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