December 14, 2011

Fun in Acapulco, Sun Drenched Design!

There is such an insane abundance of Great Mexican Design, 
that it's unfortunate it so often doesn't get it's due.
Expect several future posts on this Country - but for today it's all
 about Acapulco.
Bold Statements, Strong Oversized Silhouettes, 
Casual and Comfortable - these are just some of the key 
elements you'll immediately notice when delving into this 
Design Style.  To get you going,  go ahead and click on
 the Elvis song below from "Fun in Acapulco"....  
and enjoy his fancy footwork while playing
                                           the organ, yes, I said organ!                                     

  Filmed at the "Boca Chica Hotel"

Bigger is often better in Mexican design and though he's
a Californian, this Stan Bitter's sculpture would fit right into
the landscape!
Gloria Guiness' Insanely beautiful domed Palapa - Acapulco 1972

The infamous cliff diving 
Reeded Chair
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Their are just so many cool hotels in this city. This shot is from the lobby of the "Acapulco Fairmont Princess Hotel".  I'm totally in love with the stone walls.

Grupo Habita - the Hoteliers that revitalized the "Boca Chica" bringing it back
to it's Heyday status from the 1950's.
Gloria Guiness: Late 60's - Early 1970's

                                                The "Acapulco" Chair
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Breathtaking Tile
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John Wayne at the "Boca Chica" back in the early 1960's

"Las Brisas Hotel"

Heavenly beautiful Mayan Influence of the "Acapulco Fairmont Princess Hotel"
"Acapulco Fairmont Princess" - Perfect "Old School"

The Kennedy's on their honeymoon

GOD - I love this!  Shot at the "Boca Chica Hotel" 
A VERY cool floating "island" at the Boca Chica with
interior pool and geometric windows.
Designed by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes.

One of my all time favorite reeded chairs
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Gloria Guiness

These exagerated caned outdoor pieces would integrate beautifully
with the "Acapulco Style".

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 Stan Bitters Planters, circa 1980

Bold Statement, Clean Wrought Iron  - Fits in Beautifully.
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Vintage 1970's Lounge Chairs with Rosewood Bases.

Oversized Blocked Coffee table
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Oversized 1970's influenced lamp
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A Needlepoint Wallet from Smathers & Branson

Vintage Charles Loloma Ring 

Boca Chica Hotel

      Hope you enjoyed the visit!  Next stop - You're going to want to bring a jacket!
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