December 27, 2011

Indian Design - All the Raj

It's a widely documented Diana Vreeland quote that 
"Pink is the Navy Blue of India"
 - and She could not have been more correct. 
Pink in every shade is absolutely everywhere throughout India. 
It's a gorgeous land that's simply saturated with color, so much so
that there's even a Major Hindu Festival in March dedicated solely to it,
 and speaking as a designer who simply lives for color it's always
high on my list of inspirational places to visit. 
Clearly, I'm not alone. Scroll on down and you'll see amazing
examples in glorious technicolor, and so much much more!

                                                             Wanting to pull something less
                                                             expected than "Bollywood" - I give you
                                                             the Monkees: "Can you dig it" from the
                                                             Psychedelic Movie "Head". Click on and

The simply gorgeous recent 2012 Pre-Fall Chanel Collection - how timely
that this just came about!

Beautiful tablescapes are such an important element when finishing a room.
The most successful way to achieve this?
Mix it up!
A little old - a little new.
Mix materials - like the Brass above and the Marble below,
Add items of varying heights,
and in the end add your favorite scented candle and some
beautiful fresh flowers!

This vintage brass chair absolutely references India with it's wide low seat and
it's elegant curves!

Contemporary Bronze Sconces
(Contact us for information)

Aman Delhi Hotel's Private Plunge Pool.
Alberto Pinto
(Contact is for information on the lanterns)

Holi: A Major Indian Hindu Festival of Color.
 Lasting 2 days in either late February or March 
where people throw colored powder and water at each other as a 
Farewell to Winter and a Welcoming of Spring.
I absolutely think this is an exquisite idea.              

Have an area that is just begging for a little drama? Try large scale monochromatic horizontal stripes!  This is a perfect example.
Too timid- but like the stripes? 
Try something on a smaller scale - like this fantastic cashmere throw!
(Contact us for information on the Blanket)
David Weidman Print

Vintage still from the 1930's
Mother of Pearl Moorish Side Table
(Contact us for information)

(Contact us for information on the marble wallpaper)
The Raj Tent Club
Norman Parkinson
Love the height and simplicity of this lamp!
(Contact is for information)

(Contact us for information on the Trellis fabric/wallpaper)

 Pair of tall 20th c. 36" urns
(Contact us for information on the Rug)
Modern Indian Architecture in Mumbai

Devi Garh Resort in Udaipur
LOVE this shot!

This Checkered Brass Nightstand could easily reference the step design detail 
so often found in Indian architecture.
(Contact us for information on the table) 

I'm absolutely loving these softer orange hues!
This is a close up shot of fretwork flanking an entryway.
(Contact is for information on the rug)

Classic shot of the Beatles
Kelly Wearstler

(Contact us for information on these tables)

Marigolds strung in lieu of canopy drapery - so inspirational!

(Contact us for information on the "Sari" bedspreads)

Devi Gahr Resort

Norman Parkinson


For all the naysayers on marigolds and carnations?
India will make you rethink them!
(Contact us for information on the fabric)

Ceylon Intense Pink Sapphire

(Contact us for information on the rug)

Norman Parkinson
(Contact us for information on the rug)

Norman Parkinson

(Contact us for information on the lamp)

An Incredible pair of Vintage James Mont Camouflage Leaf lamps

(Contact us for information on the mosaic tile)

(Contact is for information on the stool)

Sourabh Mazumdar Sculpture - would be incredibly lovely juxtaposed
with brass and marble.

Kaya Kalp - Royal Spa in the ITC Mughal Agra Hotel

2012 Pre-Fall Chanel Show

Lower Lobby of the Oberoi Hotel
Norman Parkinson

2012 Pre-Fall Chanel Show

(Contact us for information on the pillow)

Close up of the Monkey Temple - Khajuraho


(Contact us for information on the fabric)

(Contact us for information on the furniture)

Pair of 19th c. Bronze Rain Drums are gorgeous tables. When used outside
they reverberate making musical sounds when raining, which originally were believed to be a call for Lucky Spirits.

Indian Loom producing a stunning stripe textile.

The power of adding a touch of red.

2012 Pre-Fall Chanel Show
Vintage Deco rug with repeating Peacock feather motif

(Contact us for information on the tile)

2012 Pre-Fall Chanel Show

Love little statement chairs.  This one's an exceptional 18th c. 
Dutch East Indies Burgomaster.

20thc. Indian Marble planters

Vintage still from the 1930's

Inspired yet?
Take these vintage late 60's  Peacock sconces along with  a gorgeous
very simple over sized mirror - install them on a monochromatic tiled wall -
then flank a pair of painted Elkins chairs on either side of a clean lined console table
 and you'll now have all the makings for a beautifully modern Indian inspired foyer!

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