December 8, 2011

New spins on African design!

              A bit of Forewarning:  This post is a bit large - but then again, so is the Continent.
                                                            I'm talking Africa. 
        After much deliberatiion as to whether or not to post this Blog in 2 segments I decided to keep
        it as one as I feel it really shows the magnitude of the amount of inspiration and beauty that  
        eminates from this country.  So grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and enjoy the trip where              
        the colors are sublime, the animals magical and the textures divine - you'll be sure to see why  
        this continent is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for modern design!

Victoria Falls

Flat Woven Chevron Rug
(Contact us for further information)

An amazing tablescape would be insanely easy on a table like this. I'd incorporate the above oversized 1940's Kyn Ceramic Hippo with some great books, a piece of abstract sculpture and maybe a tall modern Hurricane. 
(Contact us for further informationon the table)

Abstract beaded napkin holders from Dransfield & Ross 


African Kuba cloth is an ancient African tradition of raffia cloth weaving. Above is an example of just how beautiful it looks upholstered.
INSANELY taltented surrieliest artists - Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne. Their constant inspiration? Nature and Animals - Needless to say many of their exapmples originated from here.

This Cameroon Juju hat seems to have been able to encompass all the subtle colors 
from these shots of the Victoria Falls

So stunning! An African necklace created by Ferouz Allali in Togo in partnership with the Togo Business Woman.

From the African Sculpture Garden 

Love the wall treatment - Love the votive placement!

(Contact us for further information regarding the rug)

(Contact us for further information on the fabric or the bed below)

Pair of Lalanne Lamps
The iconic 1967 Yves St. Laurent "African " Collection

                                                                                                 (The sculpture is by Bryan Nash Gill)
(Contact us for information re: the wallpaper) 
(Contact us for information on the Primitive chair) 

(Contact us for information on the Chaises)

Great inexpensive East African Sandals from Black Malaika


(Contact us for further information on the rug above or floor lamp below)

Masai Fabric

West African Bamileke Table
(Contact us for further information)

An incredible colloboration between an Italian furniture company and Various African artists
(Contact is for information on the Chaise Rocker)

Ugandan Baskets woven from trash bags

1960's John Dickinson Tables
Masai Beads

Another example of Yves St. Laurent's African Collection

Vintage 1967 Abstract

Ferouz Allali Beaded Necklaces

Another example of Masai Fabric

(Contact us for information on the lamp or snakeskin wallpaper)

Rhino Chest clearly inspired by Lalanne
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(Contact us for information on the wallpaper)

1970's David Cressey Planter

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