January 5, 2012

French Polynesian Design Awaits You.....

French Polynesia is undeniably one of the most Beautiful places on Earth -
Well defined by their exquisite surrounding landscape it certainly could not
come as any surprise that this is the driving inspiration to their Design Style.
It's highly informal, its light and breezy, and intense with the colors of the ocean,
floral and fauna.  A highly magical place that I think you'll enjoy, so why not begin
with a little music from "South Pacific", then scroll on down!

.....It's about intense blues in every fantastic shade imaginable

Vintage 1950's photo - love the collection of basket pendant lighting!

                             .......It's as simple as the color and texture of Breadfruit
The island of Pinagbuyatan

(Contact us for information on the Grass cloth wallpaper)
Pair of rare 1940's Art Deco Beautifully Molded Polynesian Torchere Lamps

The Four Seasons

 Paul Gaugin 
(Contact us for information on this outdoor fabric)

Colored Pencil Coral Sculpture by Jennifer Maestres 

I am INSANELY in love with the silhouette of this structure!

Fantastic late 1960's Resin table and chairs

Eileen Coyne Shell Torque

Coral inspired jewelry from Vamoose

Stingray inspired cuff by Alkemie

Anya Hindmarch Charcoal Stingray Clutch
(Contact us for information on the fabric)
Paul Gaugin
(Contact us for information on the fabric or the sofa)

Vintage Early 1970's Lamp

Bora Bora Hotel

Mark Rothko 

Wonderful Carved Wooden Tiles
(Contact us for information)

Vintage Early1970's - Late 1960's Polynesian Pendant -
A tiny bit of occasional kitsch is not a bad thing - if used in a very calculated way.

Love these tables!
(Contact us for information)
More wooden tile examples!
Interior of a Tahitian Roof

Woven Chaise
(Contact us for information)

Coral Pencil Sculpture by Jennifer Maestres
A Peacock Mantis Shrimp - How incredible is he? 
I could design a room or a collection on this little guy alone!
(Contact us for information on the fabric)

(Contact us for information on either the sofa )

(Contact us for information on the stone shell above or the shell stool)

It's easy to see how the photo above could translate into gorgeous tie dyed fabric and
incredible hues of glass could be inspired from the photo below!

(Contact us for information on the tile)

Amazing collection of glass floats

(Contact us for information on the sofa)

.....Another good example of Polynesian Style without the kitsch!
(Contact us for information on the tiebacks) 

Paul Gaugin

Shell and Resin Rings

Paul Gaugin
(Contact us for information re: the fabric above)

Though used strictly as  Simple Breadfruit Pounder is a beautiful sculpture in itself!

Tahitian Quilt

(Contact us for information on the Buoy Lamps)

Collection of large seed pods

A just hatched turtle

Beautiful Croched Netting!
A modern residence on Bora Bora

 Vintage 1930's photo

(Contact us for information on the fabric)
Till the next destination - hope you enjoyed the trip!

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