January 19, 2012

The Road to Hong Kong and Chinese Design..

It's not exactly an 'Ancient Chinese Secret' that this country has produced
breathtaking design for an insane amount of Centuries.
China possesses an Incredibly Refined Beauty, that has not only produced,
 but indeed heavily influenced the world. 
 Intricate Silk Embroidery, Masterful Hand Painting, Superb Glazed Porcelain,
How could one not be influenced? 
Certainly the French where - Hello Chinoiserie! 
So why not click on 'China Girl' - ukulele style, and
begin the scroll to see some insane examples of Incredible Asian Design. 

The Forbidden City

The Lantern Festival

Always one of the chicest way to treat a wall - Chinese Handpainted wallpaper!
(Contact us for information on the wall covering)
Tang Dynasty Horse
Victoria Bay - Hong Kong

Painted Vintage Chinese Bed

10th/11th Century Liao Dynasty

House and Garden Living Room, 1962
18th Century Eight-Panel Coromandel Screen

Yuyuan Garden - Shanghai

In the right place - I love placing table lamps on columns. Billy Haines just went one step further by 'marrying' these into Mid Century Floor Lamps
'Raise the Red Lantern'
All in the details - Pretty Gorgeous early 20th Century Umbrella Stand

Pair of Mid Century Low Ming Style Lounge Chairs

Nanjing Lu
An example of Modern Chinese Architecture

Pair of Mid Century Painted Asian Inspired Chairs

 Chrysanthemums are symbolic of Nobility in China. They also figure heavily in their art.  Often known as one of the 'Four Gentlemen'  - the other three are the Orchid, Bamboo and Plum Blossom.

One of the Most popular Fabric prints in recent years - Chiang Mai Dragon
My favorite colorway is this Blue and Teal - photos don't do it justice.
(Contact us for information on the above fabric)

Moon Bridges are beyond elegant

Circa 1821- 1850 

Song Dynasty

Tang Dynasty - I love that the glaze looks just poured on.


(Contact us for information on the Ceramic Garden Seats)

Bird's Nest Stadium
The 'Steel Tongue' Chair

(Contact us for information on the wallpapers above and below)

Tang Dynasty
A Scholar Rock

Close up of an Ancient Chinese Necklace
Late 1920's Anna Mae Wong

Shadow Puppetry

Collection of early 20th Century Bronze Cranes

Mogao Caves
Pagoda Island 1873

(Contact us for information on the fabric)

Tang Dynasty

Lantau Island

Pair of Gnarled Root Chairs

Deco Ming Design - Chinese Princess Lantern Earrings

Unbelievably fashionable - 1920's Anna Mae Wong
Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu

(Contact us for information on the lantern or swivel chair and coffee table below)

Detail Chinese Courtyard

Chinese Lacquer Box

Rice Terraces

  Snow Bull Station Sculpture by Rigo 23 in Hong Kong

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