January 2, 2012

London Design Calling

          Whether talking "Old School" or "New School", Brits are totally the
          "Cool Kids of Design".  They are profoundly adept at being humorously
           irreverent in their style probably because they are so very well versed in
           proper decorum. As a result?   Ultra chic design with a bit of an edge.
           British Style is anything but dull  even in the traditional sense,
           and to prove this point click on "The Clash" - the rest will follow...........

Red, Black and White - an incredibly powerful and handsome color combination 
 With successful design - you want to create a balanced combination
 of layers, materials and colors.  Both the chair below and the photo of
 Lily Allen in Vivienne Westwood are great examples of soft and hard.
(Contact us for information on the chair)

British Artist:  Terry Frost

This woman took dressing to an art form. Always on the International 
Best dressed list during her lifetime -  Duchess of Windsor
1960's Lord Snowdon photograph of Princess Margaret
The Rolling Stones  
George Baselitz 
Without a doubt - one of the most influential 20th c designers  
David Hicks. 
British Punk Flag

Kate Moss & Jamie Hince - Wedding Day Photo
(Probably the second most famous 2011 Wedding)

Early 60's shot of Piccadilly Square

A classic British sofa - The Chesterfield. This one's extra cool due to it's length.
(Contact us for information)

Vivienne Westwood

 Robyn Denny

British Artist: Banksy

LOVED that Apple chose this Beatles photo with their itunes announcement,
as it's always been a favorite of mine.

David Hicks Portrait 

4 Poster Beds -  Quasiessential to English style,
and nobody did it better than David Hicks.

(Contact us for information on the cashmere blanket)

British Artist: Peter Lanyon

Internationally Best Dressed Daphne Guinness in Alexander McQueen

A more traditionally sized Chesterfield - this one
would be amazing at the foot of a bed!
(Contact us for information)

Twiggy in Mary Quant

Yes - that's right,  Veruca Salt,
do I really have to say "Willy Wonka"?

British Artist: Terry Frost
No where else do hats play such an important role.
The hat above is Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen

Stella McCartney

(Contact us for information on the chair)
Savile Road 

Vintage Mini Cooper
1970's David Hicks
60's Supermodel Jean Shrimpton in Mary Quant
The 1960's "Avengers"
Peter Pan
Portrait of Duchess of Windsor
Philip Treacy
Kew Gardens and their amazing Lily Pads

Paul McCartney and his English Sheep dog, Martha

David Hicks
British Artist: Patrick Heron

Kew Gardens

Duchess of Windsor made this 1937 Schiaparelli "Lobster"
dress one of the most famous dresses ever.

British Artist: Henry Moore

British Artist: John Hoyland

British Artist: Howard Hodgkin
David Hicks

The incredible underside of a giant lily pad from Kew Gardens

Why English Gardens are so well known...

British Artist: Barbara Hepworh

LOVE these topiary hedges from Kew Gardens!

1960's Cartier version of the "English Garden Rose"

James Bond and his Aston Martin 

The Duke and Duchess of Marlborough

Traditional Georgian Style Interior

(Contact us for information on the Convex mirror)

Duke and Duchess of Windsor
Duke and Duchess of Windsor's Living Room

Vintage Bentley

(Contact us for information on the cashmere blanket)

Alexander McQueen

Cartier Panther - from the Duchess of Windsor's collection

Another fabulous British Look?  "Tweedy Style":  The Lamp and Late 1950's Gio Ponti influenced chest are perfect examples that would work well with this style.

Vivienne Westwood Wallpaper
(Contact us for information on the wallpaper)

A Driftwood Bull dog
(Contact us for information)

Duke of Windsor and one of their famous Pugs

(Contact us for information on any of the fabrics)

A shot from the Duke's dressing room.

David Hicks

Alexander McQueen

David Hicks
British Artist: Patrick Heron
Duke & Duchess of Windsor

Alex Michaelis - A very cool Notting Hill Architect

The British Museum


Kew Gardens with huge Chiluly installation

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