January 8, 2012

Japanese Design: Land of the Rising Sun

Japan is an absolute dichotomy when it comes to Design.
The Style: "Hello Kitty" meets "James Bond".
Think Loud, Bright, Extremely Future Driven and Incredibly Optimistic.
...  the other side?
Sheer Poetry.
Derived solely from a Profound Appreciation of Nature.  It's uniquely 
organic, quiet, dignified and Breathtaking Beautiful. How's that for a polar opposite?
The one unifying element is that both sides have been artfully mastered.
Japan is a country that totally has my heart,  a style I absolutely love and I hope
you will to. Now - go on and begin the trip!

Irving Penn 1970 Geisha

Saihoji Temple in Kyoto

A Traditional Japanese House - How I LOVE the roof lines and their 
 incorporation of gardens!

Pretty Amazing right? At some point in my career I am SO going to do a riff on this incredible carved early 20th century Lotus Tray!
A well known landmark of the dog Hachiko located at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo.
(If not familiar with the story; Hachiko would greet his owner, a professor every day to meet him off the train. One day the professor had a stroke and died - Hachiko would still go everyday to wait for his owner for  the remaining 9 years of his life. When he passed, the locals, who knew and loved him well installed this lovely statue.)

(Contact us for information on the fabric) 

(Contact us for information on the fabric)
Love how the carving sort of bleeds out of the driftwood!
(Contact us for information) 
An example of Chidori - Constructed wood pieces with a square
section and connected through pure joinery. 
An ingenious fan
(Contact us for information re: the above fabric)
Contemporary Piece
The "Shell House" by Kotaro Ide/ARTechnic Architects in Nagano Japan

One of my Favorite New Structures in Japan - "The Ring House" by
 Takei-Nabeshima Architects in the town of Karuizawa.
Gaultier's Geisha Inspired Spring 2008 Collection for Christian Dior
Japanese Quilt

Konson Parrot Woodblock

My FAVORITE design tip of ALL time?  Take your scented candles - Pop them in the Freezer for 20 minutes -  the candle will then easily remove from it's original container. You can then drop it into a beautiful ceramic Japanese cup or bowl - SO much prettier, personalized and you'll never have any of those visible ugly smoke stains or smudges!

(Contact us for information on the pillows)

Isamu Noguchi and his famous Lanterns


 Modern Residence by Terunobu Fujimori

Exquisite Japanese Sculptor: Tomochiro Inaba

Mt. Fuji
Japanese Textile

Rock Garden

Contemporary Woodcut

(Contact is for information on a modern Japanese influenced table) 
Kamakura Buddha

Mt. Fuji
Hiroshige Woodblock
A Japanese white eye
Incredible stepping stones in a Kyoto Garden

Gaultier Geisha inspired Spring 2008 Collection for Dior

Fushimi Inari Temple in Kyoto



(Contact us for the information on the Paper above or the fabric below)

Another simply Exquisite Japanese Quilt
Origami Paper Crane: 
19th century woodblock
(Contact us for information on the relief)

(Contact us for information on the lamp above or wallpaper below)

Beautiful Shibori Textile
(Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting or compressing it)
LOVE this vintage photo from the 1950's!

(Contact us for information on the wallpaper)

Isamu Noguchi 1950

Buddha Statues in Kamakura

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