January 29, 2012

"My Modern Hawaii" - A Brutilist Design Love Story

I have long had a love affair with Hawaii and am constantly inspired by it's
unbelievable beauty. Truth be told there's probably not one Hawaiian Style in the 
bunch that I don't love, but a particular favorite of mine is a brief moment in time from
about 1966 to 1974. This is my "Modern Hawaii" Much of it is in the Brutilist
style - it's a style that consists of stark contrasts with beautiful, almost shockingly violent colors against a backdrop of blacks and whites. It's is also VERY organic:
Lava Rock, Ocean, Lush Vegetation and Wood.
It's very heavy and incredibly light.
It's Polynesian meeting Japanese,
and it's Edgy. To take you on this  particular journey let's 
begin with a little Don Ho circa 1967, so why not click on to 'Tiny Bubbles'
and begin the scroll down - to see this Amazing Style! 

The most gorgeous glaze on this beautiful Mid Century lamp!

To get this a cool day glow effect for your next cocktail party?
Just add tonic water to your drink and a black light!

Very Cool Mural of the Last Monarch - Duke Kahanamoku
One of my favorite things on the Big Island? The Prolific Lava Rock Graffiti. 

Ceramics by Antoinette Faragallah - I think her work is exceptionally beautiful!
(Contact us for information on the fabric)

I fell in love all over again with this 1968 'Lotus' Chair when I saw it 
again recently at LACMA.The incredibly generous scale of the chair 
alone really brings it to the next level.

Vladimir Ossipoff: Synonymous with Hawaiian Mid Century Architecture

Stephen Haskell Beach Towel
Vladimir Ossipoff
Mark Rothko

Vintage 1970's Cole Swimsuit
How perfect are these Glow Balls?!  The only way to make them better is Float them in a pool. BTW - It's entirely possible!
(Contact us for further information)

A New Modular Lighting System inspired by Traditional Japanese
 "Cochin' Paper Lanterns.

(Contact us for information)

(Contact us for information on the Coffee Table)

                                 Love these Hand Carved Marble
                                 Tiles! (Contact us for further information)

(Contact us for information on the Teak Bench)

These Sculptural Cuffs are by Christine Brandt - They completely embody this style and are total works of Art.

Vintage 1970's Ring

Late 1960's Nightstands
Tiki and Coral Cuff by Gwen Duke

Fabric from this specific time period -is ALL about shocking colors that bleed together. This is a Great Example!

Gorgeous Hawaiian Quilt

Paul Evans Sofa

Hawaiian Cabana 1968
Most Amazing Japanese Battery Operated Paper Lanterns.
(Contact us for information)

Fabulous Fish Tureen

Kona Residence, Belzberg Architects

The Waiola Fountain in the Ala Moana Shopping Center

                      (Contact us for information on the marble tiles)

Vintage Alfred Shaheen 'Mum' Sheath
Another Gorgeous Hawaiian Quilt

A Gorgeous Reef Creature, They 'Black and Gold Sap Sucking Slug"
1970's Don Ho

Pearl Harbor: A really incredible memorial - you can't go to Hawaii and not see it!

Paul Evans Chairs

Harper's Bazaar 1965

Arman Manookian

Modern Hawaiian Fabric during this time span is all about shocking hues often against  
a black background. The look is exceptional!

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