December 7, 2011

"The Modern Ski Chalet", French Alps Style!

     One of the Chicest Interior Design Styles is "The Modern Ski Chalet".   
      I attribute this look to the 1963 Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn Film 
         "Charade".  It's very French, very Modern, and very Sexy.  If you watch
            & listen to the amazing graphic of the Film Intro below, then scroll down 
                 further, I believe you'll be completely inspired by this gorgeous look as well!  

The town where "Charade" was filmed:
Megeve Haute-Savoie - The French Alps
The exterior - very traditional.  The furnishings and fashion - very modern. 

Bold Graphics and a lot of Black and White are keys to achieving this look.
The fabric above, as well as the bedroom below fit right in.
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Slipper chairs are very smart. They're a wonderful way to increase seating while adding a ton of style to any room.  This chic little slipper chair above works beautifully with the "Modern Ski Chalet" style and is the definition of warm and modern combined. (Contact us for further information)

                                              In terms of lighting - You can't be more modern or graphic than
                                              this Alexander Calder/Serge Mouilles influenced chandelier.
                                                        (Contact us for further information)

A fantastic graphic screen would serve as perfect sculptural background
behind a streamlined pepper white sofa. 

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Go big & bold with Art choices here.
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This dining table epitomizes the " Modern Ski Chalet", and when paired with
the much more casual chair below, it's positively stunning!

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Love that this Chalet's roof doubles as a ski slope....

A modern riff on the antler pendant!
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In terms of flooring?  Texture's the star here.  Both the shag below and the knotted wool
at top are excellent examples.

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Audrey Hepburn In "Charade"

Blankets, an obviously important accessory - especially in cold climates.
These mohair blankets are perfection.

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Artist: Kenneth Noland 

 This fireplace is just an another excellent example 
of how well traditional mixes with modern.
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Add Red, Blue, or Green to the Black and White color scheme?
You'll get a gorgeous, sophisticated and pleasant surprise.
Sconces with the same feeling as the chandelier.
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These blankets are from Bestmade Co.

Skis hung like art

To me the perfect chair for the "Modern Ski Chalet" look is Hans Wegner's iconic
mid century Papa Bear Chair.  Here it is upholstered in Black and Blue.

The brass keeps it's sleek frame modern and warm - now look how
 amazing it looks next to the indigo cable knit! 
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 The "Futura" -  a 1968 Prefab Ski Chalet.  Unfortunately only 96 were made as it
closed up shop when the 1973 Oil Crisis hit. 

An example of how lovely the combination of black, green & white can be.

A Classic 1960's A-Frame.

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