November 17, 2011

Children and Art! (Inspriration for a Child's bedroom)

Art  is SO key to every room, and as personal and subjective as Art may be, there are some guidlines that I usually follow with children: Try selecting Art that is 
not too busy or complex, be playful with scale - bigger is often better and small can be great with modern placement.  Keep in mind - you want the room to inspire creativity - but you also want the room to be tranquil enough to illicit a good night's sleep!

If it's Budget friendly - I love incorprating large scale abstract pieces  and find  children really respond to it.
When they're very young - theyll love the colors,  as they grow older - they'll think it's a  very cool piece.

Look at new and upcoming artists!  These two abstracts are by Michelle Armas.  Very affordable - and the great thing here is  you can easily commission her to paint a specific size and color prefrence.

Let's face it - most children love a dog!  These are "Blue Prints"  and they have just about every Breed imaginable represented.  I would cleanly frame them in simple thin white metal frames and modernly stack them - they'd be  fantastic!

Nobody likes personalization more than a young child and these Paul Thurby prints are available in every letter of the Alphabet - so the choices are endless!

For the Girly set:  I love this Paule Marrot Feather Print,  it's wonderfully large (56 x 44) and beautifully set in
a modern acrylic frame (see below)

Truth be told I'm not really a "Heart Person" but I think these are handled with a very cool 1960's vibe. Bonus Points for this is that this too can be personalized with any sort of saying or name handwritten onto the hearts.

Don't be afraid to mx and match: Look how great these two go together!

Whenever possible - children should always bo encouraged to read. I mentioned this artist on an earlier post but
thought it would be good to pop in a couple additional examples.  They're handpainted on vintage french paper so how apropos would they be to incorporate into a child's bookcase?

Finally - don't forget the occasional flea market find and then update it!  Again - I would take him a step further by abstracting him up a bit with more color - and don't be afraid to hand the paint brush to your child!

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