November 16, 2011

Beginnings of a storyboard (Early stages of Interior Design)

I'm a little behind the eight ball at the moment and will hopefully post  about "Artwork & Children" - no later than tomorrow.  In the meantime, I thought at least it would be fun to post some elements that will be included in a soon to be finished storyboard.  The one I'm working on at the moment is of a Foyer for a Young Family in Santa Monica.

The original material inspiration of for the foyer
One of the elevations: It's currently unfinished (So Please be kind!)
 We're either going to paper or paint a Deco- Japaenese influenced mural. Above the molding the paint will match the ceiling,  below (including the base moldings) will be a high gloss teal.   We're using mostly vintage here.  A pair of over oversized Mayan inspired midcentury lamps, an oversized early 1980's  bamboo mirror and a
Karl Springer console table.  We're also taking a quilting cue from a  detail of  a 1940's  upholstered sofa - for the slipper chairs that are on either side of the console.
The inspiration for the slipper chairs:  The quilted backs of these sofas
Taking a tip from Martha Stewart: Hand Painted Dipped baskets for  below the console. 
I really love this idea and can see even taking these  one step further by abstractly layering an additional color or two!

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