November 15, 2011

Oh Boy! (Great Ideas for a Boy's Bedroom)

When working with children I love to create rooms that will inspire their creativity, reflect their personality yet allow them room to grow - because of course what they love today they may very well be embarassed by 6 months from now.  So a punch here and there is all that is needed - the rest should be mostly all about applications of color and texture.
I also love to incorporate pieces that will become future heirlooms - something they will still cherish and use in their adult years or be able to pass down to their children.
Here are a few things that I love for boys at the moment:
Maps and globes create a great opportunity to spark converstions - especially when reading a favorite book to your child at bedtime! I love this mapped out wall from the early 60's and the collection of  lit globes below.

Placement is key! 
Making storage actually fun!
An all time 1970's classic: The Joe Columbo Baseball glove chair!

A mixed media designer from Paris who hand paints on vintage french paper -
and if you like this - tune in tomorrow as the topic is all about Children's Artwork!

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