November 14, 2011

Cabin Fever (What to love about a Casual & Woodsy style)

                           Whether old school or new - Fall Cabin life can be pretty fantastic.
                                         Here are some of my current favorites looks:
C'mon - who doesn't love Paul Bunyon?!!!
A fantastic Frank Lloyd Wright Cabin

- Another Great Mid Century Version
Can't get enough of these Arturo Pani Chairs!

Wildlife (Of course!)
Pendleton Vintage style Camp Blankets

LOL - This just NEVER get's old for me!
Brand new to the market and I think these chest of drawers would be great for a Guest Bedroom -
I'd even like to play around with them a bit possible adding vintage travel sticker, wallpaper etc.
Just a perfectly organic & very simple Chista Floor Lamp 
A favorite Schumacher Fabric
Love that this Bear table embraces both new and old
For evening dog walks: Great quilted jackets w/pockets from Canine Styles
Leads from "Found My Animal"

....and finally - how amazing are these?!!  They're hand held Eco Lanterns from Yanko that double as a terrarium
for tree saplings.

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