November 19, 2011

Electric bugablue - (One of my favorite shades of Blue)

When I was a little girl - my favorite restaurant of all time was a place called "Kon Tiki Ports".  It was easily my favorite for three reasons: 1) it had a hallowed out pineapple filled with fresh fruit and those paper umbrellas I adored  2) there was an amazing man-made "river" that actually flowed through the entire restauant where you crossed little bridges to get to your booth or table and it was filled with
ginormous Koi fish in every conceivable color AND 3) There was a predominant use of an electric Blue color that acutally seemed to glow.  Needless to say - I'm still inspired by it today!

Shots that I took the last time I was at the Museum of Natural History - in New York. If you haven't been and
are in the area you should absolutely check it out - you won't be disappointed!
(Tony Duquette)
Amazing Penguin photo
Pair of Seguso Sconces

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