November 25, 2011

Book it! (All about Bookcases & Libraries)

Let's face it - one of the best "accidental" decorative accessories is a book. I'm thankful for that because I think that's going to save them from actual extinction.  
Whenever the opportunity is right for a project, I love
to incorporate built-ins into projects. Not only do they serve as a wonderful architectural element,
but they also provide a great opportunity to individually reflect a client's personality.
Here are some of my favorite examples past and present: 

I love wrap arounds!

Sorry about the clarity of this photo - it's from a foggy still of a 1931 film - but had to include because I adore the cartouche in the center - it's one of those perfect little details that make a room memorable!

Very cool: Stanford Kay Book Abstracts Paintings

Always a great idea: The combination Dining/Library Room 
Love the 1940's vibe of this - who wouldn't want to bunker down here with a drink and a good read?
Little detail that I love: Personalized Book Plates and stamps. I mean really how perfect were Bob Hope's?

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