November 27, 2011

Drink up! (Stylish ways to set up a Bar)

Because, it's pretty much always a good time for a cocktail -

Setting the Mood with the coolest couple ever:

"The Thin Man Series"

There are ALL types of great bars:

A Bar can be Art:
- This Lalanne Hippo is my all-time favorite. Bonus? 
 A place for everything and everything in it's place. 

You can do a Formal Built-in "Sinatra Style" to -

  Casual and hidden like a Speak-Easy....

                                                  You can be light and Playful:

                                                   To completey sexy:

Testaments to the creative genius of the Deco Generation:
The converted trunk above, and
the monoplane that dismantles into
- this.

(Interested? It's currently available for $32,500)

In a Pinch?  Set up an impromptu bar on a cocktail table.

Of course there's always the classic and ever popular bar cart.

 Whichever bar you choose  - The little details can make it or break it so be very mindful - in the end you'll be so happy you were:

Put new spins on classic drinks: The one above is a
Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail

Personalize your cocktail napkins 

 Include a bowl of customized matches. The look is undeniably chic and BTW, these  make great Hostess gifts!

Finally? Who doesn't love a spiced nut? ... I mean that in every sense of the word.

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