November 18, 2011

Wright can do no wrong (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Okay,  So not exactly the truth -  The man certainly had a troubled personal life, and his buildings aren't well known to be the most structurally sound, but damn the man could design!  Here are some great exterior shots of his work:

The Hollyhock House

Breezway Detail from The Hollyhock House

Falling Water know you're made iconic status when you've become a "Lego Set"
.....and a Gingerbread House!
The Ennis House
La Miniature
HollyHock's Side Entrance

Interested in meeting the man?
Check out this you tube video where Mr. Wright is the mystery guest of the day on
the very cool game show "What's My Line".  The show aired June 3, 1956.

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